Age Requirements & Sizing

Age Requirements

We do use tandem sea kayaks for all tours. However, for groups with younger, smaller paddlers, we do have triple kayaks.

  • Paddlers must be at least 8 years old. This is an absolute age minimum.
  • Children (ages 8-12) must sit in the center of a triple between two adults.
  • Teenagers (ages 13-17) may paddle the front of a tandem.
  • One adult (18+) must be present on all trips involving minors.

Fitting in the Sea Kayak

We use Necky/Old Town Looksha Ts as our primary tandem sea kayaks. If you are concerned about fitting in the kayak, please explore the Looksha T’s specs. We do have a demo boat in the front of our store for paddlers to test out before their trip.

We use Current Designs Libras as our overnight expedition sea kayaks. To explore the Libra’s specs, please use the link below.

Additionally, we use Northwest Kayaks Seascape 3s as our triple kayaks for families with children and small paddlers. The specs are linked below.

  • The recommended paddler height is between 4’5″ and 6’3″.
  • The recommended paddler weight is between 100 and 260 lbs.

Wetsuit Sizing

We do use NRS 3mm Farmer Bill wetsuits as long as the combination of low air and water temperatures dictate. There are two wetsuit styles: regular fit and grizzly fit. Our regular fit wetsuit fleet offers two entry styles: over-the-shoulder velcro clasps or zipper front entries. The Grizzly cut wetsuits have larger cut hip and midsections with both a zipper front and over-the-shoulder velcro clasps. In addition, we do have wetsuits specifically sized for children.

Please note that all guests will be fitted for and will need to wear wetsuits if the weather dictates.

NRS Wetsuit Size Chart
NRS Grizzly Wetsuit Size Chart