Half and Full Day Trips

Get ready to paddle! From the infamous Apostle Island Sea Caves (the REAL sea caves, please don’t be fooled by the other “sea caves” in Red Cliff or Madeline Island) to a juant around the sweet town of Bayfield, we have many spectacular trips for you. Our guides work hard on the area’s information, kayak safety protocol and training, gratuity is greatly appreciated!

ALL GUIDED TRIPS USE & INCLUDE TANDEM KAYAKS FOR SAFETY​. Trek & Trail’s number one goal is safety. Our guides have been through countless hours of training and work very hard on and off the water to provide a memorable and safe experience for each and every kayaker. Please keep in mind that gratuity is NOT included in the price of the trip. Tips are much appreciated and we hope you enjoy your day on the Big Blue!

Half Day Sea Caves – $65

Daily: 8:30am, 11:45am, 12:30pm or 3:45pm

3.5 miles/3 hrs. Paddle through the picturesque Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Mainland Sea Caves off Meyer’s Beach. Ideal for those with limited time. Pick up your wetsuit/lifejacket ahead of time & simply meet the guide at the launch. Lunch is not provided.

Full Day Sea Caves – $129

Daily: 9am, 11am

7 miles/6 hrs. Covers all of the area’s infamous sea caves and cliffs in the Apostle Island National Park Shoreline from Meyer’s Beach. Catered lunch is provided on a secluded beach.
(Basswood Island or Bay of Treasures day trips serve as alternates in poor conditions.)

Sand Island Full Day Sea Caves – $129

Daily: 8am

8 miles/6-7 hrs. This open water crossing highlights historic Sand Lighthouse, the lost town of Shaw, and Lake Superior’s most intricate Sea Caves. Catered lunch.
(Basswood Island or Bay of Treasures day trips serve as alternates in poor conditions.)

Basswood Island Full Day – $129

Daily: 9am

8 miles/6-7 hrs. Cross the open water of Apostle Island’s West Channel to discover the wonders of a quarried island. Possible features include the Fedora shipwreck, brownstone quarry, pebble beach, and swimming spots. Catered lunch. Eight miles round trip

Bay of Treasures Full Day – $129

Daily: 9am

4-7 miles/6-7 hrs. A full day exploration of the quiet marvels of Bark Bay Slough, a backwater estuary, boasting carnivorous plants, abundant wildlife, marshy channels, and a back door to the open water of Lake Superior. A sandy beach provides a great spot to enjoy catered lunch.

Shoreline, Shipwreck, and Cliffs Half Day – $60

Daily: 10am, 2 pm

3 miles/3hrs. Combines visits to towering sandstone cliffs and the sunken Finn McCool. This paddle highlights notable features of Bayfield’s present and includes stories of the beloved town’s past.

Basic Safety Course – $55

Daily: 8:30am, 1 pm

Lake Superior is the largest lake in the world by surface area. Having demonstrated calamitous capacities, this body of water has been deemed an inland sea. Our basic safety course is a prerequisite for all rentals. Taking this class will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge to safely paddle and navigate the revered Apostle Islands. 3 hours.

Trip Policies:

WEATHER AND OTHER CANCELLATIONS: The idea behind providing alternate trip routes on full day & overnights is since we’ve organized the shuttle, guide, gear, food, etc. and you’ve set aside this day and time to have a kayaking experience, we want to give you every opportunity to have one. Most people are here to enjoy the sport of kayaking and adventure, so if you personally refuse to go on the alternate trip it will be considered a cancellation on your end. If there is a storm or lightning where the guide has determined it is also unsafe at the alternate(s) and he/she cancels the trip, we will offer to reschedule you or offer FULL refund. Again, the guide has to cancel for refund/reschedule. 


  • 8-10 yrs must be in triple kayak with 2 adults
  • 11-12 yrs. each must be paired with 1 adult in double kayak
  • 13 + yrs. will be paired eldest with youngest.

CHANGES PER COVID-19: Safety on and off the water is our number one goal. Per COVID-19 we are cancelling our shuttle service and caravanning or meeting our customers at the launch points below. All other trips are launched at Trek & Trail. You will have to check in to get your wetsuit and supplies already and therefore be told where to meet, but the launches are as follows:

Half Day and Full Day Sea Caves – Meyer’s Beach, Park Road Cornucopia, WI

Sand Island Full Day – Little Sand Bay

Bay of Treasures – Bark Bay Rd, Herbster, WI

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations on your end: If made more than 45 days prior to departure receive full refund. Made 45 to 30 days prior receives refund minus 15% total trip cost. If made between 30 and 10 days- no refund received, but 50% is credited toward future trip or rental. 10 days or less, refusal of any alternates on full day or overnight trips, or “no shows” do not receive any type of refund or credit.

Questions about our trips? Just call!

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With one of the world’s largest lakes as our day to day office, we are committed to continuous rescue and safety development both on and off the water. Each spring (and weekly training meetings) our guides and mentors work through ACA Level 1-3 and WFA certification to keep our adventures just as safe as they are fun.